East Tennessee Spine & Sport has a unique approach to injuries of both the spine and extremity. Our methods emphasize active strengthening programs that are customized to the specific needs of  each individual, with less focus on passive methods.

Using evidence-based practice and 15+ years of experience, we transition patients from acute status/passive care into unique customized core and general conditioning programs. These functional back, neck and extremity rehabilitation programs facilitate the to return to daily and recreational activities.

The key component of our approach to spine care is isolated strengthening of core muscles surrounding the spine. Strengthening these stabilizing muscle groups  creates a strong foundation from which your body can work (see MedX). Core stability is also an important step in extremity care. We emphasize building a foundation that restores patients to function, recreation and independence. Patients maintain these strength and functional mobility gains and prevent re-occurrence of injury as they move forward independently with their activities.