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Radial Tunnel Syndrome

Radial Tunnel Syndrome is a condition that affects the radial nerve in the forearm. It is often caused by repetitive strain or overuse of the forearm muscles, leading to irritation or compression of the radial nerve. Symptoms of radial tunnel syndrome can include pain, tenderness, and weakness in the forearm, wrist, and hand. You may experience discomfort when gripping objects or performing activities that involve forearm movements. Seeking professional evaluation and treatment is important to alleviate symptoms and prevent further complications. At East Tennessee Spine and Sport, our skilled therapists can provide personalized care and develop a tailored treatment plan to address your specific needs.
At East Tennessee Spine and Sport, we are committed to providing exceptional physical therapy services. Our team of experienced therapists is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health and wellness. We combine advanced techniques, evidence-based practices, and personalized treatment plans to deliver outstanding results. With a focus on your well-being and recovery, we provide hands-on therapy, education, and guidance to empower you in your healing journey. Our therapists continuously enhance their knowledge through ongoing education, ensuring they are equipped with the latest treatments and rehabilitation techniques. When you choose East Tennessee Spine and Sport, you can expect excellence in physical therapy.
There are several reasons why you should choose East Tennessee Spine and Sport for your physical therapy needs. With over 25 years of serving the residents of East Tennessee, we have a long-standing commitment to providing exceptional care. Our seven convenient clinics located in Farragut, Fountain City, Hardin Valley, Lenoir City, Oak Ridge, and West Knoxville make it easy for you to access our services. As the largest Pelvic Health provider in the region, we offer specialized expertise in this area. Our team of dedicated and experienced therapists is passionate about helping you achieve your goals and will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. When you choose East Tennessee Spine and Sport, you can expect individualized treatment plans, customized programs, and a supportive environment focused on your well-being.
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