In 2005, I had major pain in my lower back and went to an Orthopedic Clinic. The surgeon there told me that surgery wasn’t an option, and that I would need to use P.T. to resolve the issue (diagnosed as Spondylosis). He said they had a physical therapy office, but I replied by asking “Where would you send your wife?” He replied “East TN Spine and Sport, as they have a McKenzie specialist and MedX machines.” With the prescription he gave me, I went to the west office, asked for the McKenzie specialist, and was blessed to get Sandy Daniels. She worked with me, gave me a routine of exercises to do for maintenance at home, and explained the maintenance plan I could use to continue with my MedX work. I have used Sandy (along with other ETSS therapists for this and other matters such as post knee surgery, a shoulder injury after a fall that needed recovery, and other senior arthritic matters, since 2005.) I am so grateful to have them as a regular part of my health program and often recommend East Tennessee Spine and Sport, Sandy Daniels, the McKenzie method, and MedX program to others.

Ann Rust

East Tennessee Spine and Sport has been an fixture in my life, on and off, since the late 1990’s. My first encounter was shortly after Greg DeFilippo got started in business. I had a ruptured disc with a lot of pain, and was on the fast train to major back surgery.  My neurosurgeon told me about a little physical therapy practice in Knoxville. He said ETSS had had some success with a few of his patients with symptoms similar to mine.  He offered to refer me if I wanted to give it a try, although he was not very optimistic.

I decided to try it – one of my all time best decisions. After a full round of treatment, I was back on the tennis court and living a pain-free, normal life.  A few years later, I relapsed after getting careless with my daily exercise regime. Greg and company cured me again.

My next encounter was with a pinched nerve in my neck and, again, ETSS got me fixed up and back on the tennis courts.  Finally, I’ve been working with ETSS on balance, agility, and numbness issues.  While we’re not finished with this project, the progress has been good and I’m pleased with the results.

In addition to my personal experience, I’ve referred several friends to ETSS.  They have invariably been pleased with their results.  My wife has also had a good treatment experience with ETSS.

In summary, these are good people who know their business.  If your problem can be cured by physical therapy, they’ll cure you.  If it can’t, they’ll discuss it with you and get you headed toward the proper next level of treatment.

Frank Koon

I began an Appalachian Trail thru hike in early March, 2014, no “big deal” for this 69-year old. However, two weeks into my hike, it did become a big deal! Leg pain, the kind that made every step one of pure agony, had reached the point that I knew medical assistance was required. Being just a hour or so from Knoxville, and home, I put my thru hike on hold, left the trail and returned to Knoxville to get this thing checked out.

My primary care doctor diagnosed my issue as inflamed I.T. bands, ordering physical therapy and directing me to Spine and Sport. There I met Greg DeFilippo. Greg and I worked together for the next two weeks, then 16 days after putting my hike on hold I was back on the trail. Five months later, I climbed Mt Katahdin in Maine completing my 2186 mile A.T. thru hike.

David Smith

Greg and the team at East Tennessee Spine & Sport have helped me successfully recover following a discectomy at L5-S1.  Prior to the injury and surgical procedure, I was training over 25 hours a week and competing across the country at Xterra off-road triathlon and mountain bike races; most recently winning the overall at the 2012 ITU Cross-Triathlon Amateur World Championships.  Their knowledge of my underlying injury has helped me understand the ups and downs of my recovery every step of the way, and their training method has shown steady results and given me the confidence that I can return to a high level of competition.  Their knowledge and expertise of back injury rehabilitation is unrivaled in the Knoxville area.

Fred Smith

I was injured in a motorcycle crash while riding an off road bike. I was worried I had injured my back in such a way that would require surgery. I had tried other forms of treatment, when Spine and Sport was recommended to me as an option before surgery. I am truly grateful to the good folks who work there. I was able to avoid surgical intervention thanks to their program. Through their knowledgeable staff, I learned how to get well and, most importantly, how to maintain the level of wellness I achieved in their clinic. I would recommend a visit with them to anyone; they are completely capable of getting you on a path to recovery.

Greg Peck

Spine and Sport is the ultimate place for therapy. Every single therapist is highly knowledgeable more than caring. They brought me back from my ACL tear in five months without post-op pain. Actually, I’m stronger than I was before my injury. All the therapists are great with are great with both the physical and mental side of recuperation, which was exactly what I needed. Thanks to them, I’m back playing high level volleyball again.”

Eleni Georgiafandis

East Tennessee Spine & Sport offers the best physical therapy treatment I have ever received! I have been to many therapists since age 24 for therapy on several areas of my body. Greg DeFilippo, fellow therapists, and employees are the best! Not only are they kind and friendly, but you receive the most comprehensive care in a comfortable atmosphere. In all my experience with therapy, their expertise is unequaled!

Sharon Bowles

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