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Mechanical injury of the spine can involve an assortment of musculoskeletal structures. Whether the injury is focused on the intervertebral disc, the facet joints, the SI joints, the bony structure, or the soft tissue (sprain / strain), one result appears to be consistent: the musculature around the spine will weaken through guarding, neurological inhibition, and disuse over time. Therefore, the rehabilitation process for these injuries must include a strengthening component.

The traditional spinal stabilization offered at most therapy locations, however, has limited effect due to the body’s innate ability to compensate for weakness and utilize other, healthier muscle groups.

Performing routine core and spinal stabilization exercises will strengthen the compensating muscle groups and reinforce the wrong muscle firing patterns in the area. The muscles that should be targeted will not receive adequate stimulus to improve.

This simply means that if you do not force the body to use the injured or inhibited musculature, it will continue to take the easy route by compensating with the strength that is available from secondary muscles. Although this allows an injured person to get by, it does not reduce the symptoms and predisposes the area to long term degenerative changes.

To effectively rehabilitate spinal injuries, it is important to utilize a system that isolates the injured musculature and applies an appropriate and progressive work load to the structures. This is a training philosophy that has been applied successfully for years to all extremity joints. Specific areas of the spine, however, are much more difficult to isolate.

The MedX spine strengthening equipment is specifically designed to create the necessary isolation in the cervical and lumbar regions. Therefore, strengthening of the “weak link” can occur and the body can be gradually weaned from compensating with other muscle groups, such as the upper traps for the neck, as well as, the hamstrings and piriformis for the low back.

These computerized machines, along with researched supported, spinal rehabilitation protocols, allow objective documentation of progress and comparison to normal values. For more than 25 years, MedX equipment has been researched and utilized worldwide, with hundreds of thousands of patients.

The results of this research have established MedX as the leader in spinal strengthening and rehabilitation by reducing ratable factors of disability in approximately 81% of chronic spinal injury patients.

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