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This is the process of gathering and analyzing information about the content and the human requirements of jobs, as well as, the context in which jobs are performed. This process is used to determine placement of jobs.

Office and work site evaluations can be performed to make recommended modifications, creating a more ergonomically correct workstation, fitted to the employee. Repetitive motion, body mechanics and lifting techniques are evaluated among other aspects, focusing on injury prevention.

Job descriptions can also be updated based on evaluation of the physical demands of the job.

When patients are in phase 4 of their physical therapy, clinical focus and emphasis involves requirements needed to return to work. Will you need to lift 10 lbs every 4 hours, or carry 25 lbs once a day? We will help patients achieve these goals in the clinic, and reduce the risk of re-injury through education. This can include work conditioning tasks in the clinic and on-site visits to evaluate and assist in smooth transitions back to work once they have completed their physical therapy program at East Tennessee Spine and Sport.

In clinic testing is also performed for companies who need an objective and legally defensible way to make hiring decisions based on an applicant’s ability to perform the essential functions of the job. This can include, lifting, climbing, carrying, a step test, and a variety of other physical tasks required in order to successfully perform the job. Physical Ability Testing is offered at several of our East Tennessee Spine and Sport locations.

If you are a company looking to initiate Physical Ability Testing for employee applicants, call our office and we will supply you with the tools to do so.

Injury prevention, nutrition, exercise, stretching, and ergonomic classes can be tailored to the company and specific job. We can provide classes that fit the time and need of your company.

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