Pelvic floor physical therapist teaching patient about the pelvic floor using a pelvic model.

The Nest

You’ve asked and we’ve answered!  Our pelvic floor program is growing and we now have a stand-alone specialty clinic for all of your pelvic floor needs!  The Nest opened on February 1, 2023, and we are so excited to offer this specialty service for the greater Knoxville area.  

At the Nest, all of our physical therapists have significant training allowing us to treat pelvic health conditions like urinary incontinence, bowel incontinence, diastasis recti rehabilitation, pelvic pain, pain with intercourse, and so much more!

Pelvic floor physical therapy is for all ages and all genders because we all have pelvic floor muscles!  The pelvic floor has 5 very specific jobs:

  1. Stabilize the pelvis as a whole
  2. Support the pelvic organs (bowel, bladder, and uterus)
  3. Help with sexual function
  4. Helps with bowel & bladder function
  5. Support lymphatic function

Problems in the pelvic floor muscles can show up in any of those 5 jobs mentioned above or it can show up as pain in the back, abdomen, legs, and genitals. If your pelvic floor is doing its job, then it is not something that we think about.  When the muscles are not doing their job, it can consume so much of your brain power and put a halt to your everyday activities.

But the pelvic floor muscles don’t live on an island by themselves! So our pelvic floor therapists are also well-trained to treat all of the joints around the pelvic floor ensuring our patients get the best care possible. 

Additionally, we understand that there can be a lot of other issues that go hand and hand with pelvic floor problems and services can be hard to access.  To make this easier for our patients, The Nest will also be home to additional services provided by Kristin Williams, lactation consultant, Maggie Klotz, psychiatrist, and The 4th Trimester Fitness Method. We are so excited to have all of these amazing providers in one place. 

Call our location to set up an appointment to meet your needs. Our staff is excited to help you get back to full function and back to your life!